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Corporate Breakfast
Olde Towne Kolaches & Bakery
Baked Goods and Box Lunches
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Corporate Breakfast
Small trays feed 10-12 people. Large trays feed 20-24 people. Please request plates, utensils and napkins.
Meat Kolaches
Fresh out of the oven, an assortment of all of our favorite meat kolaches including sausage & cheese, bacon & cheese, ham & cheese, jalapeno sausage & cheese, spinach and egg kolaches.
Small Tray $55.00
Large Tray $75.00
Breakfast Tacos Tray
Hot flour tortillas filled with freshly scrambled eggs and melted cheese and include a variety of sausage, bacon, and potatoes. Served with salsa on the side.
Small Tray $55.00
Large Tray $75.00
Sweet Kolaches
Start your day sweet with an assortment of fruit and cream cheese kolaches, cinnamon rolls, strudels and sticky buns.
Small Tray $45.00
Large Tray $65.00
Ham & Cheese Croissants
Light, buttery croissants filled with sweet honey ham and melted swiss cheese served warm.
Small Tray $55.00
Large Tray $75.00
Assorted Kolaches
A little bit of everything, including our savory meat kolaches, sweet fruit kolaches and old-fashioned cinnamon rolls.
Small Tray $45.00
Large Tray $65.00
Bagels & Cream Cheese
A variety of bagels including plain, blueberry, wheat and cinnamon raisin served with plain and flavored cream cheese.
Small Tray $45.00
Large Tray $65.00
Muffins and Scones
A sweet mix of our freshly baked muffins and scones, including blueberry, cranberry, cinammon and chocolate
Small Tray $45.00
Large Tray $65.00
Fresh Fruit or Vegetables
A beautiful assortment of fresh seasonal fruit or vegetables to be enjoyed with any of our breakfast trays.
Small Tray (10-12) $45.00
Medium Tray (15-20) $60.00
Large Tray (25-30) $75.00

Drink Selection
Orange Juice Small $1.75
Orange Juice Large $2.50
Apple Juice Small $1.75
Apple Juice Large $2.50
Milk Whole $2.50
Chocolate Milk $2.50
House Blend Coffee $22.00 per gallon
Fresh Orange Juice $18.00 per gallon
Texas Sweet Tea $12.00 per gallon
Apple Juice $12.00 per gallon
Lemonade Juice $12.00 per gallon
Canned Soda $1.50
Fruit Cup $3.50
Granola $4.50
Yogurt $1.75
Water $1.50
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Hours of Operation:
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Olde Towne Kolaches
& Bakery
8821 Westheimer Road,
Suite 107
Houston, TX 77063-3625
Phone: (713) 781-7144
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Olde Towne Kolaches & Bakery
8821 Westheimer Road, Suite 107
Houston, TX 77063-3625
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